Thursday, March 13, 2003


Kazim Muhammed al-Hut, an Iraqi torture agent arrested in the autonomous region of Iraq last December, recently gave the press some of the gory details of his former profession. In particular, he describes the "shock therapy" that was commonly administered to suspects, and also discusses how small children were beaten with steel cables to get their mothers to talk. On the bright side, Muhammed maintains that his group didn't actually kill the children. It didn't need to; the beatings seemed to do the trick just fine. Rape? "We had another group responsible for that.''
Muhammed has no kind words for Saddam, whom accuses of abandoning his people making peole like Muhammed into killers. He doesn't seem 100% repentant himself, however:
He continued: "Look, you are a journalist, you do your work. He's a security man, he does his work,"nodding in the direction of one of his captors. "And I did my work."
Just another job, eh? Iraqis' tax dollars at work if you will. This is the regime our French and German "allies" are so desparate to keep in power.
Link via Joanne Jacobs.

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